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An ekphrastic poem

Today in one of my classes we worked on ekphrastic poetry. For those of you who don’t know this type of poetry, or writing, is inspired by works of art (which I’m sure is a broad spectrum ranging from writing to visual and beyond). Here’s the picture that inspired the poem.

When The Universe Dies

                By Gerrard Davis

It will hoard the beauty.

The colors of reality that never were

and always will be.

It will blur the vision of the onlookers

of the destruction.

The beautiful

heart palpitating


It will show them birds

never learning to fly

elephants forgetting

ever howling wolves

never ceasing that

single breath.

Apes staring blankly

into the array of spectral hue

blazing across the cosmos

and in the end

it will all fall back onto

the nothingness that we perceive

into the black hole it will create.

All of this within the corner

of the eye.

I implore you not to blink

Because it will not hesitate

to leave you behind.

Behind in the corner of eyes

where one is never to look.

Where one never wants

to look.

In the corner of the eye.

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